Yes your honor, I am sexually active!

The man who kicked off this year’s biggest court case in Poland once again failed to show up in court and give testimony.
  • The court postponed the hearing to October 14
  • Witness - a violent husband who reported his partner to the police, did not come to testify.
  • Activists urges him: "come at last to the court and look into the eyes of the person who had to save your wife from you."
  • The court asked ADT what is they mission. After the answer: It is an organization dealing with demedicalization and de-stigmatization of abortion." The Polish court, however, did not want to know anything more about abortion. But he did ask her questions about her reproductive abilities.

At the second hearing against Justyna Wydrzyńska from the Abortion Dream Team, no witnesses again appeared. In the courtroom the accused, a woman who reacted with empathy to a plea for help, faced a representative of a fundamentalist think tank Ordo Iuris, well known for their knack for torturing women (recently by withholding abortion access from Ukrainian women who experienced war rape).

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An oppressor is always a coward

Feminist activists speak in unison: it’s Anna’s oppressor who should be prosecuted, not Justyna, who tried to save Anna’s life.

Meanwhile the man who initiated the whole court case, like a typical abuser, only felt powerful in the safety of his own home. He felt free to divest his wife of her right to self-determination by calling the police on her, but the necessity to testify in front of the accused and the crowds who support her was too much for him.

Come to the courtroom and look in the eyes of the woman who had to save your own wife from you!

- Justyna Wydrzynska and Natalia Broniarczyk called out in the court’s foyer.

Yes your honor, I am sexually active

The judge decided to interrogate Justyna once more. She began innocently enough, asking about the premise of Abortion Dream Team’s activities. Justyna said: „Abortion Dream Team is an informal organization striving towards demedicalization and destigmatization of abortion”. The court didn’t wish to hear more about abortion reality and instead questioned Justyna’s sexual activities. instead questioned Justyna’s sexual activities.

I am within the reproductive age and I am sexually active, but the pills I have are not just for me - but for those close to me as well. And I am not afraid to say it.

said Justyna Wydrzyńska

Who pays for this ridiculousness?

Let’s not forget that all the repercussions ordered by Ordo Iuris, a Kremlin-funded organization working on spreading global pro-putinist agenda including the Russian invasion on polish legal system, are paid for by polish taxpayers.

At the same time, we pay for their safe abortions, doing the state’s job as the state opresses us - how absurd!

The right-wing MO of flooding activists with court cases to divert their energy and attention from their work is nothing new - the so-called SLAPPs (strategic lawsuits against public participation) were similarly employed during the Rainbow Holy Mary case in Plock. The hearings were postponed several times because Kaja Godek failed to show up.

ADT doesn’t fear the political trial. 

As Justyna testified, other activists continued to deliver abortion support to those terminating their pregnancies. 

„During this short hearing my friends helped over 20 people”

said Justyna Wydrzyńska

#Jakjustyna/#IamJustyna - what happened?

In 2020 a woman in an unwanted pregnancy reached out to Abortion Without Borders. Her husband (a controlling abuser who would go through her texts and emails) was forcibly stopping her from having an abortion abroad, treating with legal action for kidnapping their child - who would have to go abroad with the mother as she left for her procedure. Since the postal services were slowed down due to the pandemic, the abortion pills from Women Help Women wouldn’t be delivered on time. Justyna, who picked Anna’s call, being aware of the possible consequences, decided to share her abortion pills with Anna. The pills were seized by the police who were called by the husband. Police officers searched Anna and took the pills as evidence in a case of aiding in abortion.

I do not regret it. I am proud of myself for being strong, and sharing my strength with Anna. I gave her my pills. It wasn’t my intention for her to terminate the pregnancy, but to allow her to decide, pills in hand, what will she do. I shouldn’t be accused - it should be all the men who controlled and abused us. How can you force someone to bear a child?!

said Justyna Wydrzyńska
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